Sandra-Maria ARDELEANU


Our main goal is to demonstrate that the speech memory is built in publishing houses while generating an institutionalized discourse that is worthy of being known and remembered as a particular speech. Moreover, the editing of texts has been part of the big creative industries since it was discovered. Reading a book, a magazine or any other publication means both learning to become aware of the identity of the relevant elements of an utterance and looking at how the discourse is organized to manifest its originality, as belonging to different sets of discourses that build the memory of the institu­tionalized discourse in publishing houses. Furthermore, this perspective does not rule out any others since we do not invite anyone to make a choice between speech analysis and other approaches. On the contrary, we encourage any enrichment that justifies, once again, the creativity of an institutionalized discourse. Thus, if, in most cases, we speak of institutional discourses in the context of the ones produced by the institutions, and not as speeches presenting specific features, in this paper, we want to identify the discourse in the publishing houses as institutions and as a source of discourse which acquires an "institutionalizing" power. Therefore, the reflections are from discourses towards the company and not the opposite way.


real world analysis, speech (discourse) memory, particular speech, text editing.

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