Pentru studiul comparativ al diferitelor chemotipuri de Mentha spicata L. acestea au fost colectate atât din populaţii spontane de pe teritoriul Moldovei, cât şi din alte zone geografice. Pentru depistarea posibilităţilor potenţiale ale ecoti­pu­ri­lor de mentă a fost efectuat studiul particularităţilor vegetaţiei, ponderea de ulei, compoziţia calitativă a uleiului. După compoziţia calitativă mentele studiate au fost împărţite în 3 grupe.



A comparative study of various wild Mentha spicata L. ecotypes from Moldova and from other geographical areas was carried out. According to the morphological features, the ecotypes were not different and were in line with the botanical description of study species. To identify potential opportunities for mint ecotypes, the vegetation features, yield of oil and essential oil composition was studied. It was revealed that in the same area both analogous and different chemotypes grow, which resulted from free pollination while maintaining the morphology of species.


Mentha spicata L. essential oil composition, the terpenoids, chemotypes.

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