Lucrarea prezintă o descriere succintă a izotiocianatochalconelor fluorescente şi redă unele metode de obţinere a lor. În aspect mai detaliat sunt cercetate metodele de obţinere a izotiocianatochalconelor ce conţin fragmentul antracenic. Rezultate bune atestă metoda ce include condensarea 3-(4-acetilfenil)-1,1-dimetiltioureei cu antracen-9-carbaldehidă, urmată de eliminarea dimetilaminei din chalconele corespunzătoare la tratare cu anhidridă acetică sau cu clorură de acetil.


The paper presents a review of the isothiocyanatochalcones fluorescents and their methods of synthesis. Various methods were investigated for obtaining anthracene moiety containing isothiocyanatochalcones. Good results give the method which includes condensation of 3-(4-acetylphenyl)-1,1-dimethylamine with antracene-9-carbaldehyde flowed by elimination of dimethylamine in the treatment of corresponding chacones with acetyl anhydride or acetyl chloride.


chalcone, isothiocyanatochalcone, antracene-9-carbaldehyde, fluorescent chalcones.

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