Nelly ŢURCAN, Rodica CUJBA


The modern stage of social development is characterized by the transition to a new form of development of society in which knowledge becomes an important value, both as an economic and a strategic resource. Therefore, in the knowledge society, the availability of knowledge and access to it plays an extremely important role.

The aim of the study is to analyze the visibility of scientific publications of Moldova State University (MSU). The study was conducted on the basis of the National Bibliometric Instrument, repository with about 70.000 scientific publications and shows to what extent the scientists within the MSU contribute to the development of the knowledge society in the Republic of Moldova. The study also contains a comparative analysis of scientific papers with authors affiliated to MSU included in two international databases: Web of Science, Scopus.

The research methods used in the study include the bibliometric and altmetric analysis of the scientific works with USM affiliated authors.

As a result of the study it was found that MSU publications play an important role in the information flow of the Republic of Moldova, MSU affiliated researchers being very active both at the national and the international level. The top MSU research subjects on international level are physics, materials science, chemistry and engineering, but on the national level these are social, economic sciences and the humanities.

The degree of collaboration of MSU affiliated authors for international publications is quite high (0.8-0.9).

The study is carried out within the institutional project of the Information Society Development Institute “Pilot platform for quality assurance and visualisation of digitised scientific content from the Republic of Moldova (2015-2018) – SCIFORM”.


visibility of publications, bibliometric analysis, altmetric analysis, evaluation of research activity, degree of collaboration, Moldova State University

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