Cristina COROBAN


Individualization of the educational process for vulnerable children can be accomplished by providing support services, thus giving all children the opportunity to acquire values, attitudes, knowledge and skills according to their individual needs. Promoting inclusion means creating and continuously improving the social and educational framework to support child- centered learning, in order to facilitate the individual's participation in social life. In the context of creating an inclusive environment for children in vulnerable situation, a particular issue is attached to the process of individualization. Individual approach in the education process is based on the child-centered education.

Data on the evolution of school performance of children in vulnerable situations had been collected from the project “Social-school inclusion of children from the Placement Centres in the mainstream education system”, implemented by NGO Center for Childhood, Adolescence and Family PRODOCS (CCAF PRODOCS) in the period of 2015-2019, with the support of “Pestalozzi” Children’s Foundation, Switzerland. The project partners are 6 placement centres and 8 schools from: Călărași, Hîncești, Anenii Noi, Drochia, Telenești, Ștefan Vodă.

Based on monitoring and evaluation system children in vulnerable situation from 6 placement centers increased their academic achievements by 5% and the number of unexcused absences decreased by 50%, which shows that the individualized approach brings positive results.


individual approach, children in vulnerable situation, school performance/ achievement, school absenteeism, child-centered education, inclusive environment

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